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The Milky Way

Story by Daniel Agee July 11th, 2014
Growing up in Idaho, I never understood people getting excited about seeing the stars. In a small town with little to no light pollution, seeing the stars was as easy as walking into the backyard and laying on the trampoline. They were always special, always awe-inspiring, but also always there.
But after moving to cities like Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, and Portland, I get it now.


If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the next photo, you’ll see a big star that’s much brighter than the rest. Right next to the trees. Turns out, that’s a galaxy. (!!)


Best Photo I've Ever Taken

Well, maybe not the best. Best is subjective. But far and away my favorite.


So I Printed it up Real Big

Three by four feet, to be exact. Engineering prints are great.

Just wanted something to hang somewhere in our apartment. I sent a photo of it to a few of my friends and all of them asked where they could buy one. Thought that was a good point. It’s now for sale along with five other of my favorite photos from the last year. An edition of 10 for each print, just $50.

Grab one for your wall before they’re gone.

Footnote: Shoutout to the Milky Way for being an incredible place to live.
Little Crater Lake, United States